A single mother must struggle with bureaucracy and a flawed education system in Iran to enroll her son in a public school.


A single mother, compelled to change her son’s school due to a change in their home location, encounters challenges while registering him in the new school and decides to take a stand against the bureaucracy and the flawed education system in Iran.

Director Statement:

“Power is always illegitimate unless it can prove its legitimacy. Thus, the burden of proving legitimacy always rests on the shoulders of the defenders of the power structure.”
This sentence was the main idea for creating ‘Anarchy’, which reflects events that are recurring in my society and the political and social atmosphere of my country, Iran.
Furthermore, issues related to women’s rights in the patriarchal society of my country and the continuous hardships they endure have always been a concern for me. This film is dedicated to all the women who fight every day for freedom and independence against their own society.”


Director & Screen writer: Majid Kazemi
Director of Photography: Hamidreza Fatemi
Edited by: Hadi Haghirad
Music & Sound Designer: Salman Abouzar
Set & Costumes Designer: Mahnoush Jawadi
Make-Up Designer: Anahita Mousavi
Production Manager: Alireza Mahmoudi
Colorist: Mehran Jebely
Sound Mixer: Morteza Ghayour
Script supervisor: Kowsar Sadri
Executive Producer: Roham Rasouli
Director Assistant: Ermia Rabbani, Alimohammad Taheri
Poster: Aytek Agency
Producer: Roham Rasouli, Majid Kazemi


Mohaddeseh Hesami
Mohammad Jahanpa


Film Title (original): آنارشی
Film Title (International / English): Anarchy
Film Type: Short Film, Narrative Fiction
Genres: Drama
Special Subject: Social/Women
Runtime: 7 min 54 sec
Completion Date: February 2024
Country of Origin: Iran
Country of Filming: Iran
Film Language: Persian (Farsi)
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Shooting Format: Digital (6k) on Canon C500MKII
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.39
Film Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP (non encrypted)
Framerate: 25 fps
Audio Format: 24 bit/48KHz stereo,



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